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It is the infomation on the app Honey Beauty Encyclopedia which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an Honey Beauty Encyclopedia, if a AppStar is used.
Honey Beauty Encyclopedia
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Honey Beauty Encyclopedia


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Dealer Mariko Watanabe Updated 2013-01-31 Size 0.9 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 1.1 Languages English
Outline of Honey Beauty Encyclopedia
Recommended for women who worry about the beauty! Application of honey get the most packed
The recommendation point of Honey Beauty Encyclopedia
  • icon of {check}Dishes made with honey, obtained utilizing methods to beauty, the knowledge
    The effect there to there is a sweet! Honey utilization method also covers that can be used in diet
    Attached to the body beauty knowledge that you can brag to your friends and acquaintances
How to play Honey Beauty Encyclopedia
Do you know much about honey? The nutritious honey, there are various utility and use. This application, an exhaustive list of information of such honey, women recommended the app having to worry about the beauty. Dishes made with honey, how the use of the beauty, you can get the knowledge.

First, let's Start the app's start from the "honey diagnosis". By answering each question, you can check the depth of awareness of honey. Then, to fit your needs, lotion and lip balm, let's check how to use as a bathing agent. And should you be able to realize the cosmetic effect, not relying also think.

In the menu of cooking method using a honey you can learn and how to "a soft and delicious meat", "turn off the smell of fish" approach. In addition, honey, you can also take advantage to the diet. Please check the column of "recommended at the time of diet" for more details.
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Honey Beauty Encyclopedia Free
Developers Comments
What honey, also in beauty, it's also recommended a diet, you know?
I love everyone! With a delicious honey, let's become beautiful ♪

● ○ real honey of charm I understand! ● ○

Even I thought it's looks good to somehow health,
Beauty effect, also to me good to diet, do know you have?
Also I think many parts that have been misunderstood, but I'm not a mere sweetener.

If you know the effect of honey, and it will not be parted ♪ I

★ I can use! Honey utilization method!
Not only used for sweets and dishes I honey, you can also use in medicine instead of the usual beauty!
Introducing a variety of utilization method!

★ honey of nutrition and efficacy, such as notes, and a variety of information can be obtained!
Useful information is also packed. But please know the charm of deep honey.

● ○ honey diagnosis, fun, understanding degree check! ● ○

YES, it is easy diagnosis of NO.

For honey, if that do not know, it came out to be anxious,
Since there is more information, we try to check each!

In fun diagnosis, let's become familiar with honey!

● ○ If you're serious about health and beauty ● ○

The bounty of nature, is not the hand that does not take advantage of the honey!

■ people who want to raise the arm of the dishes are also a must-see!
Knowing the effects of honey, it doubles taste ♪

■ thing of honey, if anyone does not know well, let's recommend the honey diagnosis!
That of honey, or misunderstood, seems to many or prejudice.
It also has a take advantage of this app, but please tell the charm of real honey!

■ The ♪ to accompany tea time
Many, it also enjoys reading as honey of information.
Also coffee and tea, I honey goes well.
While taste the taste, reading slowly, but please addicted to the charm of honey!

● ○ ♪ you'll attract HAPPY ● ○

Full of natural grace golden honey!
And to good for health and beauty, it is wrapped in happy feeling just to eat.
The bee motif, as a lucky item called happiness, has been popular since ancient times.
Put a bee icon, also on your iPhone, and the Happy!
New feature
We added the recommended item.
And shops and reliable honey, convenient honey of goods, we have the introduction of the app.
Honey Beauty Encyclopedia Free
Honey Beauty Encyclopedia
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