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It is the infomation on the app Nissen smart catalog which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an Nissen smart catalog, if a AppStar is used.
Nissen smart catalog
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Nissen smart catalog


Total Rating with AppStar 4.5 ★★★★★ (0 Reviews)
Dealer nissen Holdings Co,.Ltd Updated 2013-10-09 Size 7.8 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 2.1 Languages Japanese / English
Outline of Nissen smart catalog
variety of products large set of nissen! Shopping good catalog app
The recommendation point of Nissen smart catalog
  • icon of {check}More than 10 kinds of catalogs I can Ferris in iPhone1 units
    You can also buy the goods directly from the application
    Check the products that worried, it is considered carefully later
How to play Nissen smart catalog
nissen can be viewed anytime, anywhere the more than 10 kinds of catalogs that are issued from the iPhone, it is shopping love's must-see app.

nissen has issued also catalogs of paper media, but from the disadvantage or turned into heavy or garbage, should there are more that do not interest was taken in hand even. If application of the catalog, without having to worry about the shortcomings of the paper, you can enjoy the screen shopping.

In addition, the favorite will be happy point be able to move to directly purchase when you find the goods. Purchased from commodity wish, will receive all the app you to transit procedures.

Since catalogs or can register on the favorite pinch bookmark to, carefully can also be considered at a later keep in check the product was worrisome. Shopping is a good catalog app.
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Nissen smart catalog Free
Developers Comments
Anytime the latest catalog Nissen I seen!
Okay without carry around anymore heavy catalogs!
· Flip and to check the goods to be worried about is turning the pages!
· View the catalog not only, you can purchase goods from app!

【How to buy】
① Tap the item description part is blinking yellow in the catalog magazine
② Since the detail page of the product is displayed, at the point of the "cart"
Color and size, select the quantity and tap the "Add to Cart"
③ If you want to buy is to "checkout"
To return to the catalog in the "Back" in the upper left if you want to still look at the catalog

[Main function]
◆ Catalogs
· Once the catalog list appears, tap a catalog that you want to see
· General Catalog is divided ladies, inner, interior, to beauty
· Show catalogs seen before in "the last time the magazine"
◆ catalog magazine
· You can browse and flip through flip in the flick operation
· For more information check in the expansion and contraction of the page
· When you tap the middle, the menu is displayed
· When the smartphone next to you can be seen in the spread
◆ Table of Contents page
· Page list of catalogs that are watching, view the table of contents
· You can save the search criteria from the category search
◆Put a bookmark
· You will be wearing a bookmark to the page to be worried about when you tap
· You can register a comment of up to 420 characters
◆ Favorites
· After seeing the detail page of the product, in the page "Add to Favorites" did product
It can be found here
◆ cart / order
· After seeing the detail page of the product, was tap the "Add to Cart" in the page
Product confirmation from here, you can be ordered
New feature
· I was solved a problem in iOS7.
· IPhone5, iPhone5S we did the correspondence.
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Nissen smart catalog Free
Nissen smart catalog
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