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It is the infomation on the app i notebook HD which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an i notebook HD, if a AppStar is used.
i notebook HD
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i notebook HD


Total Rating with AppStar 4.5 ★★★★★ (0 Reviews)
Dealer Aesthology Inc. Updated 2014-01-24 Size 19.6 MB
Conditions iPad Version 5.2.1 Languages Japanese / English
Outline of i notebook HD
Degrees of freedom increases. Notebook app that was pursuing the lifelike feeling of use
The recommendation point of i notebook HD
  • icon of {check}iphoneCalendar, Google Calendar and synchronization

    The easy-to-read and are displayed in spread to the big screen

How to play i notebook HD
This app is a fairly high degree of freedom notebook app that can be used like a real notebook.

Interface is like a real notebook itself.

The basic function,

And Sunday, week, display of on a monthly basis

�E ToDo management, schedule management

�E iphoneCalendar, Google Calendar and synchronization

" The independent memo function

And photographs and maps, the attached voice memo

By applying these features, ToDo management and conference proceedings of, confirmation of meeting, work that has been done in other apps such as diary is I such that ends in the this app one.

Is to have a complex function and tend to be things like user match the way of application, but the present application is the last impression that the user is willing to serve as a supporting player for free to manage.

There are three types of free version and paid versionipad version for the iphonein the "i notebook".

If you If you have theipad, first you have the option to use that the free version of for the iphone.

However, there is a different point increase in the iphoneversion and theipad version.

That it is suitable for screen display on each device.

Especially in theipad version will be much easier to see than the iphoneversion because it is displayed in a two-page spread to open the notebook.

Also allows you Nante at the same time to check the schedule for the next day when writing appointments today.

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i notebook HD Free
Developers Comments
i notebook HD is free to text or graphics in the analog feel, photos, notebook app in which you can enter the like voice memo. Text and graphics, of course, also the pictogram is compatible, you will be able to write freely by hand feeling. In addition, it is possible to enter the photos and voice memos, and can be used in a variety of applications. Daily appointments and TODO list, memo, it is suitable for picture diary.

When you sideways the terminal, you can see the page of 2 days in spread.

The main feature here:

- Corresponding to cloud synchronization. i Sync notebook and i notebook HD of data.

- "Calendar" app data and synchronization.

http: \ / \ / \ / organizer \ /calendar.htm

- "Reminder" apps and synchronization.

http: \ / \ / \ / organizer \ /reminder.htm

- Google Calendar and synchronization.

- Google tasks and synchronization (also available in non-consolidated)

http: \ / \ / \ / organizer \ /task.htm

- Tweets of incorporation.

http: \ / \ / \ / organizer \ /tweets.htm

- Text, plans, handwriting, handwriting graphic, tweet, graphics, emoticons, photos, contacts, I can enter the voice memo.

- Corresponding to the input of recurrence.

- Can be photography and voice memo input in the app.

- Month, display of the week calendar.

- I can back up i notebook of data to the PC. (Mac, Windows compatible)

http: \ / \ / \ / organizer \ /filesharing.htm

- Privacy function by pass code input.

- Equipped with 21 countries of holiday data, including Japan. At the same time I can view the four countries holiday.

- I offers a number of options. Please change from "Settings" on the home screen.

- Many others.

Please see the i notebook home page for more information.

http: \ / \ / \ / organizer \ /

New feature
'- Fixed a bug that Twitter can not be read.

- Fixed a bug that app to freeze if you create a schedule throughout the day.

- Other bug fixes.

i notebook HD Free
i notebook HD
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