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It is the infomation on the app Office² Plus which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an Office² Plus, if a AppStar is used.
Office² Plus
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Office² Plus


Total Rating with AppStar 4.5 ★★★★★ (0 Reviews)
Dealer Byte Squared Updated 2013-12-18 Size 11.6 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 5.3.1 Languages Japanese / English
Outline of Office² Plus
I wonder if properly speak? Presentation measures review the documents are also on the move
The recommendation point of Office² Plus
  • icon of {check}Office file browsing on the cloud Leave in this

    Most popular ones such as Google Docs or DropBox firmly support

    I can confirm move also PowerPoint as well as Word and Excel

How to play Office² Plus
It is not helpless when not at hand when you wanted to confirm that information. Also, even if I want to again to confirm and image training the contents on the train towards the presentation, I think you are a little �� open a personal computer? You can use this app is very useful can view data that was stored on the cloud to smooth a little confirmation. Now you can also check at any time materials made with Office software.

Google Docs or DropBox, you have very good firm support for famous example of cloud storage, such as Microsoft SkyDrive. The created file will be confirmed also move PowerPoint as well as Word and Excel not such thing does not appear in the clean.

Billing because you need to save when you make editing, editing functions available in non-emergency can be good is to use when you want to see only effect during the move. You will without stress can be used that can be used as the main viewing only.

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Office² Plus Free
Developers Comments
Office2 Plus, the most intuitive able to operate, simple, is the iphone\ / iPod for office document editor. Easily from your iphone\ / iPod, Word (DOC, DOCX), Excel (XLS, XLSX), other to open the file of PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX), display, create, you can also edit!

In Office2 Plus, it provides outstanding support to change history with documents.

Office2 Plus also, to your access to all of the saved document, provides the most advanced solutions! Google Docs, DropBox, to access at any time to Microsoft SkyDrive files, all the most important document of you, and safely it is possible to work open!

Word processor

�� selection of format:

- Fill in the text and color

- Bold, italic, underline

- Font name and size

�� align the column, line spacing, margins, indents, bullets, paragraph formatting, such as numbering

�� Table correspondence, table creation also possible

�� floating image, (paste from the insertion and other programs from the camera roll) inline image correspondence

�� shapes, floating text box corresponding

�� Text Correction history corresponding

�� footnotes, endnotes, comments

�� multistage combination formatting

�� section breaks, page breaks, column breaks corresponding

�� header and footer display

�� can be set margins and tabs position of paragraph in the ruler bar

�� text search in the document

�� Undo (operation up to 100 times before), and repeats

�� automatic correction, auto-complete correspondence

�� spell check

�� copy, paste, can also be in the text and images of other applications (including Safari)


�� column, unlimited line, and handle multiple worksheets

�� Search cell, sort

�� cell formatting :( bold, italic, underline, text and cell coloring, alignment, text wrapping)

�� cell of classification: standard, number, currency, percentage, date, time, string

�� Merge Cells

�� of window frame fixing

The functions related to range ��, intelligent and automatic range selection

�� Tap the cell, to create a formula

�� range of cells and columns, to insert a row, copy, paste, cut

�� 146 various functions of


�� image, of a myriad of geometries that are commonly used insertion

�� wide range of text, paragraph formatting (font size and type, text color and highlight, paragraph alignment, line spacing)

�� text or rotation of the figure

�� slide array

�� slide show mode of using a laser pointer of the simulated

�� slide show presentation to an external monitor


�� the File-Var versioning, can also return to any of the most recent file version 10

�� Save documents, spreadsheets, presentations in PDF format

�� wireless printing

Organize \ / integration of file

�� GOOGLE DOCS: in Office2 Plus, and view documents and spreadsheets stored in your Google Docs account, you can edit. This, file transfer from Office2 Plus, not only is promoted file transfer to Office2 Plus, in both the iphone\ / iPod and web browser, you can also edit the same file.

�� Dropbox,, Microsoft SkyDrive, other to open the files that are stored in all of the WebDAV server, edit, save, delete, rename is also possible.

�� Organize your files in a folder

�� Office2 in Plus, I will open DOC, which is attached to an e-mail, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PDF, PPT, PPTX, TXT file a

�� from Office2 Plus, E-mail can be any file in the working

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Office² Plus Free
Office² Plus
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