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It is the infomation on the app Jorte - Calendar & organizer which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an Jorte - Calendar & organizer, if a AppStar is used.
Jorte - Calendar & organizer
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Jorte - Calendar & organizer


Total Rating with AppStar 4.5 ★★★★★ (0 Reviews)
Dealer Jorte Inc. Updated 2014-11-25 Size 18.7 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 1.2.9 Languages Japanese / English
Outline of Jorte - Calendar & organizer
Business-friendly from handwriting style, seven changing notebook app to their liking
The recommendation point of Jorte - Calendar & organizer
  • icon of {check}I can customize the design to their liking
    I can also be used to travel abroad or traveling abroad holiday correspondence

How to play Jorte - Calendar & organizer
It is a high-performance notebook app that can be used in such a sense of real notebook.

Notebook app has been many release, but this app is powerful notebook of features such as user-friendly configuration and customization features.

When first started, It thinks that it or start from the input of the plan, starting from the font settings and background color setting. Fonts are available generally 3 to soft character of the handwriting style from hard character, as seen kind. Color further the base is prepared Peach Orange up to 7 colors from black, you also can set favorite photo in the background image. That in this way can be customized to your favorite design is the charm of this application.

Also, place great even can view the overseas holidays that are not found in other apps.

It corresponds to the beginning 35 countries also of public holidays in Japan. Suddenly was decided overseas business trip, even when it is like traveling abroad, it is possible to be used directly in overseas notebook that I always use.

In addition to the course schedule management, so that also attached ToDo list and task management function with notification function, and also recommended for those businessmen. There is no need to re-also fill in the plan because you can Google and synchronization.

On that you can customize to their liking, it is flexible to respond can notebook application to a wide range of needs so sophisticated from businessmen to students.

The difference from a similar application
・Faster ' calendar display , scroll
· Georgette and greatly improve the synchronous speed between the hand cloud
· Close Add a setting that does not display a button
· Completed ToDo fixes bug where appear when you set to hide
·Other , bug fixes "
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Jorte - Calendar & organizer Free
Developers Comments
※support for iOS8 here:
Since then reply always, please let us know in detail the terminal name and symptoms.

23 million or more people worldwide use, organizer / calendar / diary app "Jorte" is close to the atmosphere of a real paper organizer, looks good, is from Japan that commitment pulled in ease-of-use applications .
Google Calendar, ToDo task cooperation, iOS calendar cooperation, also imported easily calendar, such as weather forecasts and sports events of information.
Even in the private or business, please help us to day-to-day schedule management.

■ Key Features ■
・By cloud function, (you can schedule both PC and Android terminal share) realization of multiple device cooperation
・Cooperation with Google Calendar
・Cooperation with iOS Calendar
・Month, week, day, vertical, switching change moments refill of landscape display.
・Important appointment, deficit, background color also a function of change of day
・Start day any of the settings of the week (Tuesday start, etc.)
・The acquisition of holiday data, holiday setting of any country
・ToDo management features, Google Tasks and synchronization function
・By Georgette te cloud, the scheduled backup function
・Map cooperation
・Setting of character size
・Band display of multi-day display
・the six basic labels (Daan, Buddha 's death)
・Week number display
・Lunar calendar display
・Color, background image, font switching
・Division of date cell
・Event calendar function: weather forecast, news, movies, sports, event dates, such as music can be registered on the calendar.
・Search scheduled
・Notification function of schedule
・Holidays color, color setting of scheduled completion
・24 o'clock plan input setting
・Calendar set function
・Sharing feature to send 1 of the schedule
・Countdown function - it is possible to set the countdown to a specific event, many days remaining in the calendar on the screen, you will see a number of hours.
・Swipe back - when you return to the previous screen, was also now go back in swipe without pressing the back button when you turn off the pop-up.

■ NEW! New function ■
1. Diary function (photos can also be added)
I can be registered diary and photos to Jorte. Since organize very easy in tag, as well as diary, day-to-day records and, as also notes work, please take advantage of.
2. "All Chen" function
I can be downloaded from Jorutesutoa. You can set in once the calendar of look and events according to various themes. Please utilize all means because there are free and pay.

Jorte official website: http: \ / \ / \ /

■ Georgette Te cloud (Free) ■
Equipped with a synchronization function of the cloud calendar, you can back up, share of other user's calendar is also available. Even when you change the model, can be connected to Georgette te cloud, so you can be changed easily put the schedule. (Also from a terminal other than iOS)
Because you can use from any home or office of the PC, and you can conveniently take advantage also in private and work. In addition, by storing the data in the cloud, it is also useful for storage of data.
First, let's get the Georgette te account (free).

■ [important] is "not in sync" FAQ solution to "plan has disappeared" ■
Please note that different workarounds as follows by Register calendar mode of appointment in Jorte.

If you are available iOS calendar, initial settings are being adapted to synchronize only the past one month.
iOS calendar has a synchronization with the iphoneside rather than the Jorte, also will be the setting of the iphoneside for such settings.
Please check the following.
1) I start the Settings icon than the iphonehome screen.
2) than the set list I select the Mail / Contact / calendar].
3) I choose the in the [Calendar] [Synchronization].
4) The initial value can be changed has become a [one month prior to the event].
※This process will be the iphoneof function rather than Jorte.

If Georgette te Calendar (My calendar) of available, it is possible to correspond by setting of Jorte side.
Please check the following.

1) I choose the right edge of the gear button on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
2) Select the [Other Settings] from the set list.
3) I will select Clear scheduled cache].
※ never schedule information disappears by this treatment.
Other, because it is expected to proceed aggressively various additions and improvements future, we look forward to your request!

■ About billing ■
Billing is done in iTunes account.
Icon sets and, we are selling background image set, baseball, football scoreboard. Please check the Jorutesutoa for details.
※ If you once I have you to buy, available much without being subsequently charged.

Jorte - Privacy Policy:
Jorte - Calendar & organizer Free
Jorte - Calendar & organizer
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