Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite)
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It is the infomation on the app Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite) which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite), if a AppStar is used.
 Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite)
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Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite)


Total Rating with AppStar 4.5 ★★★★★ (0 Reviews)
Dealer Savy Soda Pty Ltd Updated 2014-09-23 Size 20.8 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 7.8 Languages Japanese / English
Outline of Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite)
App without carry around a PC OK! The go you can edit the document and sheet
The recommendation point of Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite)
  • icon of {check}Can also spreadsheet editing not only document

How to play Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite)
It is an application that can edit documents on the go.
It is very hard to carry around a heavy notebook PC on the go. It is also possible editing how to edit and save to the cloud in smartphone will have the drawback of such care. In that respect this app can be easily edited, is quite excellent app and upload also possible on the cloud.
Create possible data, text, is a spreadsheet, three photos. Text can be expected to use or, to be or use as a draft to determine the rough configuration, such as manual create a wide variety of applications as little note. Spreadsheet text input, formatting changes, it would be sufficient for a little editing I can use to function. Since it of course can be very easily with the only operations to input a character way also by tapping of editing, work efficiency can be expected.
Even happy yesterday that can be uploaded to Dropbox and Google. Because you can edit the sheet even on Google Drive is very operation is cumbersome, much editing if upload by editing the app will be smooth.
It is recommended app for anyone who wants to up the work efficiency even a little.

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Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite) Free
Developers Comments
Document free
SavySoda? By™

…# 1 overall business applications …
… Ranking …
… On iTunes 40 or more countries …

Free version mobile office application of document.

The only lightweight mobile office suite of iphone. You can this important by editing the application to manage the spreadsheet and text files on your iphone. I will work on-line or off-line. In addition, you will be able to synchronize the to your Google Docs account files that PC or Mac on the open file.

Files in Microsoft Word and Excel, and using open office number, you can open all of the major office suite.

・ ISpreadsheet (Premier spreadsheet application)
・ I want to edit the text editor () basic text
・ I want to display the iphone's file (browser) iphonefiles
・ Google of synchronization (upload / download document)

・ Smooth user interface
・ Portrait & landscape mode
・ Full support for. txt file and. csv file
・ Support of? For limited time, doc, docx file,. xls file, xlsx files from Google Docs of
・ Google upload & download
・ The file Microsoft Excel, Word is, Apple number, TextEdit, Notepad, you can open to all major office suites display the Openoffice.
・ Anywhere in the work, I want to online or offline.
・ Spreadsheet, formatting, resizing, I will support the formulas of all the basic spreadsheet functions.
・ Beautiful a UI.
・ Free updates

Some use

・ In order to run the
・ Lightweight office work
・ Backup of document
・ Spreadsheets, notes, to note
・ Quick access
・ The basic processing of word
・ Pocket spreadsheet

Document group of apps, the most popular mobile office original file, is a management solution for the iphoneand iPod. 1 million or more users I choose the document for use by the productivity and day-to-day operations. And it is now can be obtained using a free of for everyone. In addition, it is to upgrade the options.

Free iphonebusiness apps:

New feature
'- = V7.8 = -
- IOS 8 Compatibility fix
- Fixed crash in text editing
- Stability update in Spreadsheet
- Fixed icon rendering on iOS 7.1
- Improved file browsing speed

- = V7.7 = -
- Improved landscape support
- Additional subscription length
- Stability improvements

- = V7.6 = -
- Faster file browsing
- Multipage and B & amp; W scanning
- Stability bugfixes

- = V7.5 = -
- Minor Bugfixes

- = V7.4 = -
- Improved Landscape Support
- Added Chinese Localization
- Speed improvements
- Stability improvements
- Fixed issue with autoscroll

- = V7.3 = -
- Fixed minor UI glitches

- = V7.2 = -
- Fixed issue exiting scanning mode

- = V7.1 = -
- Fixed a issue crash on launch when large pdf files exist
- Fixed a UI display issue
- Fixed Save As Logic

- = V7.0 = -
- IOS 7 Update
- Improved performance
- Improved rich text file support
- Improved support for attachments
- Refreshed UI and transitions
- New file transfer options
- New tutorial screens
- Fixed a rare crash issue on saving

- = V6.4 = -
- Fixed a slowdown \ / crash issue on directory screen

- = V6.3 = -
- Added support for new video codecs
- Fixed a rare launch crash bug

- = V6.2 = -
- Fixed open with bug
- Fixed default print margins

- = V6.1 = -
- Added Automatic Document Scanning Option
- Added Enhanced Data Protection
- Added export to photos feature
- Added export to pdf feature
- Enhanced media playback support
- UI Improvements
- Improved rendering speed

- = V5.9 = -
- Fixed orientation rotation issues.
- Fixed multiple email attachment issues.
- Added document search functionality.

- = V5.8 = -
- Improved handling of currency and percentages in iSpreadsheet

- = V5.7 = -
- Updated UI.
- Improved editing for paint documents.
- Improved moving documents.
- Improved support for online files.
- Bugfixes.

- = V5.6 = -
- Fixed issue with copying of emp
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Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite) Free
 Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite)
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