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It is the infomation on the app Universal notebook which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an Universal notebook , if a AppStar is used.
Universal notebook
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Universal notebook


Total Rating with AppStar 4.5 ★★★★★ (0 Reviews)
Dealer TAKUYA HASHIMOTO Updated 2013-10-10 Size 0.8 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 1.2 Languages Japanese / English
Outline of Universal notebook
Thick notebook also multiple apps I do not need anymore! This just OK versatile notebook
The recommendation point of Universal notebook
  • icon of {check}Including the schedule money management, and intensive eight tools, such as photo management

    Easy-to-use and easy-to-read and all of the functions is simple

How to play Universal notebook
Because I have managed a total of chunky organizer, I wonder unsatisfactory and that's normal notebook apps & hellip; I love notebook that's! And if this notebook app, schedules and notes, money management to diary from TODO, we can be managed by a circle Innovation one application to photo management.

All functions is simple, just enter the required item. No troublesome operation. It is also useful to be able to access all the features from the top screen. Schedule every week, because it can display every month, easy to use to fit the purpose, OK with even one-button add a new item. Notepad can also classification of each group. In addition, money management tools are also abundant, in addition to the allowance book there is a "piggy bank", "Wish piggy bank". Here to set a target amount and dates, display to us function the rest automatically when you enter the amount of money each time you savings. I'm especially glad to society who manage money is asked.

Many people app overflowing rather your worries to the home screen, those who want to manage everything in notebook, please try please you here apps that can be used to here in one.

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Universal notebook Free
Developers Comments
Universal organizer, schedule management corresponding to ios7, TODO management, notes, diary,

Pocket money, piggy bank, Wish savings, is an app that allows photo management.
First, seems Wazuwa, e-mail address and user ID, registration, such as passwords, there is not.
Because only minimal functionality, to remember suddenly special operation
There is no need.
And, continued without difficulty one one of the functions is anyone in simple
You can kick.

By setting a password, the password can be locked, also protect private.

Features of this app
1. schedule management
By synchronizing with the standard schedule, calendar
In the display format, the contents of the schedule in the week and month of the screen
For schedule information, it is possible to register, update, and delete

2.TODO management
You can manage it with the priority that the spear should.
By registering a telephone number, you can make a phone call.
I will display the number of unfinished TODO in the badge.
TODO registration, update, or delete.

3. Notepad
You can manage your notes in each group.
The contents of the memo you can be sent by e-mail.
You can quickly note.
Memo registration, update, you can delete.

4. diary
You can save in the photos and text that can be every day.
As a result, the time that you look back quickly what's happened
It works.
The contents of the diary, you can be sent by e-mail.
Diary, registration, update, you can delete.

5. pocket money management
I can quickly manage the daily allowance.
Day, week, different display format in the month of categories,
I can check quickly balance.
For pocket money, registration, update, I will perform the deletion.

6. piggy bank
I can quickly check the daily savings.
You can set a target date and target amount of money, without difficulty,
It will support to the target.
In month view, quickly check when to put aside how much
It works.
Savings of registration, update, I will perform the deletion.

7. I want those piggy bank
Create a Wanted list, to the target
For us to manage without difficulty.
Register a Wish List, update, I will perform the deletion.

8. photo management
by date units photos and videos you have stored in the iphone
For us to display quickly.
For photos, registration, update, I will perform the deletion.
You can see the videos and registers the video.
For image, post to FaceBook and Twitter are also available.

9. It is possible to put a password lock.
How to use it, make twice enter the password that you want to set Select the settings, and then tap the Refresh button.
For release, password twice that has been set, input
Was carried out, select the release, do the tap the update button.
Once, it's worth a try.

If there is demand, it will be saved and who can write the review.

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bug fix
Universal notebook Free
Universal notebook
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