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It is the infomation on the app Encounter of Happy Mail which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an Encounter of Happy Mail, if a AppStar is used.
Encounter of Happy Mail
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Encounter of Happy Mail


Total Rating with AppStar 4.5 ★★★★★ (0 Reviews)
Dealer IBEC co.LTD Updated 2014-12-01 Size 6.1 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 4.0.0 Languages Japanese
Outline of Encounter of Happy Mail
What encounter, I do something that is so much full of overflowing.
The recommendation point of Encounter of Happy Mail
  • icon of {check}8 million people also established service there is a number of registered. Recommended for beginners
    The GPS search possible to "distance is short order." Ideal for people who want to meet soon
    Message has become a chat format, even bouncy conversation in the "stamp"
How to play Encounter of Happy Mail
Visitors who lamented ... if there is no encounter at work at school. Should you be surprised to many of the encounter and if you use this application. This application encounter app boasts a number of registered also 8 million people. You will be subject to so much and rolled'm such things are ... and lightly culture shock me encounter.

 This application allows you to search for users who are near in the GPS search. Since find the user of "casually meet distance" is a useful feature for people who want to meet soon.
 So called "girl of height 160 ~ 164cm of early 20s who lives near", it is also possible to carry out in minute detail conditions search. It has been designed to be easy to find the you're looking for opponent.

Exchange of messages is chat format. Because own stamp are also available, so you can enjoy the previous communication to meet. In addition, there is a thing called "portrait service", will create a portrait based on face photo. It is not confident and in looks, is safe even people that there is resistance to put a face photo.

 Encounter is so much full of overflowing .... It is an application that reminds to do that. It is also recommended for beginners because there is support for 24 hours a day. Well, why not you try turning to unseen encounter.
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Encounter of Happy Mail Free
Developers Comments
■ venerable Happy mail official app appeared!
■ Security in thorough 24-hour-a-day support !!
■ cumulative registration number 8 million or more !!
■ Japan's largest "matching app" !!
■ Can be logged in with Facebook account

 [Happy Mail app renewal]
 In addition it becomes the new design
Operability, speed is also significantly improved!
More comfortable looks like serving.

 [About this app]
'14 And is nicknamed Hapime. You can meet and is the reputation of Happy mail the official app. Love, Koikatsu, to Hapime if looking lover Leave! It becomes SNS system app to be able to enjoy the feel free to encounter a little time. Already member also available.
App version mail with your opponent has become a chat format, well as trendy stamp is rich. In this app offers a meeting place with various partners such as lover, friends, matchmaking, Koikatsu-love. Look at the photos and Purofu-board from among a large number of members, can be matched with the person who congenial.
 (We are linked also to some GPS maps, location information is then you can rest assured that we provided some errors, ON · OFF setting is also possible.)

◆ Facebook account corresponding
Happy Mail app also registered in Facebook account, use
It is possible. Registered I can start immediately because it is easy.
Although registered in the Facebook account is done
Names are available with confidence because it is converted to initial notation
 In addition, the name can be changed at any time
Even if any action in the happy-mail ※
 Please rest assured that is on your time line information is not shed at all.

◆ thorough support system
Happy in the mail I am performing the operation and management in 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
 Image unauthorized writing such discovery as soon as deletion of fraud and bulletin board, went caution, a warning
 Cage you. Moreover, since we will respond quickly even doing your inquiry, etc.
The peace of mind to you can enjoy the encounter.

◆ Purofu image search function
Popular content in Hapime
List of people that have registered the photo appears the profile of your opponent from there
You can can view, it is a feature that it is possible to send an email. First of all, is recommended for people who went from the appearance.

◆ encounter bulletin board function
Available in bulletin board that was in your purpose in Happy mail.
 Or send a message to the other party from the bulletin board, message from the other by posting your own
 You can wait for and you can enjoy the encounter that suits them.
 Nice lover to use the bulletin board, find friends.

 Genre of bulletin board
 • From now play
I want to play now! For anyone who wants.
 I might develop into a lover

 · Friends Wanted
It becomes bulletin board to look for your friends.
 Approaching rapidly if hobbies and values ​​are the same person

Reviews Wanted
Popular bulletin board in Hapime
 Lover I want. I want to have love
 I wish I love such as date
 Here in such people.

Nationwide Mel friend
 Corner to recruit Mel friend from Japan
For those who want to expand the friendship regardless of gender.

Mel friend recruitment
For anyone who suddenly meet a little.
First Get to know each other well through the mail
 Also be developed into a romance from Mel friend

 · Wotatomo / nerd love
 I want friends and lovers can nerd story together
 Such a you in here Corner

 Middle Age / Senior
 Middle Age / Senior (40's ~ / 60s or later)
Recommended for those looking to encounter
 here who still want to love

 Pure image board
 This is a bulletin board with pictures.
Let type of people try to aggressively approach Once home

◆ rich profile search function
Happy mail search function is rich, even search function compared to other dating app
 Region / Age / Height / style / looks / profession / blood type / interesting things / etc. so juicing search in various conditions
If you are lover recruiting, people in matchmaking, you can find had met a variety of needs, such as those who are looking for a hobby friends.

◆ portrait function
You just like caricatures based on your face photos Hapime
You can create a.
 You can choose from five types of "normal," "Avatar", "cute", "graphic novel", "cartoon"
Only one person first and if "normal" can be created for free!
Or afford to try is using the portrait is better that there is resistance to publish 顏 photos site
 Fire fighting.

◆ Download Free
Happy Mail app has become a download free dating app.

◆ Free Registration
Join both men and women in Hapime is free.
※ women regard is available almost all of the content for free in the Happy Mail To help you actively looking to get laid.
 Please be utilized, such as to find love, lover, friend.
New feature
[Happy Mail app renewal]
In addition it becomes the new design
Operability, speed is also significantly improved!
More comfortable looks like serving.
Encounter of Happy Mail Free
Encounter of Happy Mail
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