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It is the infomation on the app UP by Jawbone which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an UP by Jawbone, if a AppStar is used.
UP by Jawbone
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UP by Jawbone


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Dealer Aliphcom, Inc. Updated 2014-04-08 Size 70.5 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 3.1.2 Languages Japanese / English
Outline of UP by Jawbone
Next-generation life log that will record the life by simply worn on the wrist
The recommendation point of UP by Jawbone
  • icon of {check}Can be recorded life just is worn on the wrist
    Automatic synchronize the data by simply inserting the body to smartphone
    Meal from exercise, it is possible to record all information up to sleep
How to play UP by Jawbone
Simply attaching the special accessories wrist, automatically measuring the number of steps to record the sleep status can be managed in synchronization with the application, is the emergence of an entirely new life log.

Speaking of life log, generally is that it happened After you record the sleep time, record the time After the work, and the life cycle review the lifestyle and continue to record yourself. But, this tool is futuristic tool that will be without even recording work.

Immediately count start by attaching the special accessories on the wrist.
You can record automatically in equipment, sleep time and sleep quality, the number of steps such as. In addition in the app, various training, eating thing and calories, it will be a whopping record to the mood of the day. convenience and that is part of the eating thing she can record if read in the bar code. And it's perfect for diet and health management it is possible to record up to carbohydrates and sodium.

It is essential for synchronization, but ease of OK just plug in the earphone jack of Sumaho also is a popular secret. Energy consumption of the day, intake nutrients, amount of activity, quality of sleep. Would just be a doctor comparable hospitals have their own health management, is the life log of the next generation.
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UP by Jawbone Free
Developers Comments
*** In order to use this app needs UP or UP24 wristband ***

Wristband + app + you = UP system
UP® is a system to carry out the approach that has been integrated into the mind and body healthy lifestyle development. Wristband tracks the movement and sleep in the background, you will see the data in the application. As a result, the diet, such as it is possible to add a mood, so that you insight for a better life can be obtained.

* Track sleep and exercise of activity
* By recording the drinks and food, to keep track of nutrition information
* Set goals, is obtained insight so that you can achieve
* In Smart Alarm ™, so that it is happening in the mood that you refresh best, and then quietly alarm.
* If the idle alert set between the 15 minutes to 2 hours, you can send a remind in time of exercise.
* In Power nap function, so that you can wake up to the optimal time during nap
* Yoga and hiking, tennis, dance, etc., I can record workout
* And formed a team in the app, and you can happily competition or encourage each other
* Notification: wristband is set customizable alerts that will vibrate, it will inform you and work out and sleep, medication time
* Share Overview page Te Facebook & Twitter
Languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Simplified)

I know better yourself
UP is simple, to visualize the information in aesthetics plenty. At a glance I am now able to understand the results of an analysis of data. Clear and capable of coping tips and customized information for the user is displayed in the UP, it will help to achieve the goal.

I take action
In UP, to support the daily goal setting, you can track your progress. Also, I can use convenient and alarm and reminder feature. Multiple configurable Smart Alarms, sounds quietly alarm at the optimal time of sleep cycle, so that you can wake up refreshed mood. In the idle alert, movement of the reminder is sent to when you think that it is lack of exercise.

And explore the sleep
Long sleep, time of nap, such as whether happen many times, you can analyze about sleep. Over time and will be able to know the pattern that affect whether he if felt.

I know the active level of their own
Number of steps, distance, calories burned, time subjected to movement, such as the time that it was still to grasp the activity record of the day. From running to walking the dog, you will be able to see out what happened to involved in the achievement of the goal.

Recorded the food and drink
You can take a photo of the meal, by scanning the bar code, let's check the image gallery. Or by searching the raw materials database, what you drank, you can record what you ate. UP calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, sugar, fiber, and record the salt.

Your UP. Your app.
Grow the UP experience. Your favorite apps and new app does not have any integrated into the UP.
Monitoring the body weight, and grasp the situation of bicycle exercise, access to the library of food data, IFTTT, Strava, is more use in integration with apps like Wello spreads. Data will be seamlessly integrated in the UP feed, lifeline, trend. In addition, detailed UP sleep, exercise, diet, and can be found in the selected the mood of data application, you will be able to further enhance the experience.

UP or UP24 wristband
* Jawbone of UP app is required
* 24 hours at any time has been designed so that it can be worn
* Adopt advanced motion sensor technology
* Battery life is up to the 7th (UP24) or the 10th (UP)
* The color and size variety (S M L)
New feature
Improvement of bug fixes and performance
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UP by Jawbone Free
UP by Jawbone
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