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It is the infomation on the app Lunch Life which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an Lunch Life, if a AppStar is used.
Lunch Life
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Lunch Life


Total Rating with AppStar 4.5 ★★★★★ (0 Reviews)
Dealer Hiroshi Shimizu Updated 2013-04-24 Size 0.4 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 1.9.0 Languages Japanese / English
Outline of Lunch Life
Lunch log app to make a photograph to support making lunch
The recommendation point of Lunch Life
  • icon of {check}Can be recorded the lunch that was made by simply taking a photo
    I attached the Kan-shoku mark and shame mark in the photo
    Grasp at a glance past lunch in the calendar display
How to play Lunch Life
It is lunch log app that can record daily lunch with a photograph. Because it is listed on the calendar, it can be helpful to look back at past lunch.

In handy log app that leave to the only recording shooting in photos, those records are displayed in the calendar. The photo that is displayed, because it is with the icon, such as complete food mark and shame mark, you will be able to grasp is that "this lunch Do not'm popular," "this side dish'm not good". Also can be written also because comments are also served "to devise here when you make now," such as something one point of cuisine.

Since the past lunch is that narrowed by an icon, and Kan-shoku the lunch also immediately searchable.
If you want to increase the repertoire of my lunch, I recommend to such those who want to understand the preferences of children. Of course, it is a universal app can also be used to record the cuisine is not limited to the lunch.
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Lunch Life Free
Developers Comments
Bento life recorded in easy operation lunch that was made, is an application that can be classified. I will cheer making your daily lunch!

So you can save the calendar by shooting a daily lunch, three days before the lunch also you can see at a glance last week of lunch.
Since the photo of your lunch you can give a complete food icons and shame icon, it is recommended to mother you have your lunch making Good luck at the thought nutritional balance of your child. Also in diet record of OL san ◎.
Use the event icon and Kyaraben icon, you can also favorite only of the list.

To lunch it with a comment, you can be attached to an e-mail you can post to Twitter.

Operation is very simple.

• You can take a lunch will immediately camera mode when you start the app. (I can to Off in the configuration.)

<< Month display screen >>
• When you tap the "shooting today of lunch" button, you will be able to shoot your lunch today. If you already have a photo it will be overwritten by the newly taken photos.
• You can add icons to the photo of the drag to lunch a.
• Icon will be able to put even on the day there is no photo of lunch.
• Drag the trash can icon, you will be able to turn off Paste icon.
• If you sideways Photo List will appear.
• View the Tap daily screen photos.
• When you tap the "Event List" button to open the event list screen

<< Events list screen >>
• You will see a list of the day past icon attached (up to 50)
• When you tap the top of the screen icon to display only the date on which icon you tap is attached.

<< Daily screen >>
• When you tap the "capture" button, you will be able to capture photos of the day from the camera roll.
• I can delete photos.
• I can write a comment.
• I can post to Twitter.
• You can send an e-mail with an attached.
• I can be saved to the camera roll.
• I can change the icon.
New feature
- I can now change the icon in the days of the screen
- You have a date that can be moved in the swipe of daily screen only to date with photos
- I have to watch everyone's lunch
- I was corrected other fine bug
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Lunch Life
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