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It is the infomation on the app DMM Koikatsu (Koikatsu) which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an DMM Koikatsu (Koikatsu), if a AppStar is used.
DMM Koikatsu (Koikatsu)
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DMM Koikatsu (Koikatsu)


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Dealer Co., Ltd. Updated 2014-12-05 Size 8.2 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 1.1.2 Languages Japanese / English
Outline of DMM Koikatsu (Koikatsu)
matchmaking, Looking lover for serious encounter app!Sakurazero! form of new encounter that DMM is to deliver
The recommendation point of DMM Koikatsu (Koikatsu)
  • icon of {check}Reliable because it uses a Facebook account

    I say! Casual approach can be in the button
How to play DMM Koikatsu (Koikatsu)
It is Koikatsu app that provides the online shopping "" that is well flow CM even. By the famous leading companies of services, there is a sense of security than just anonymous alone it.

Requires a Facebook account When applying, do not be selfish posted to Timeline Please be assured. That said use the Facebook account, met and related services Koikatsu, I think you have really out problems such as cherry and induction to the illegal site. It has made a declaration in Sakurazero, it is that of as being the examination through the eye in every one of the profile, and the like.

After initially to register their profile, let's take a look at the profile of the opposite sex. If there are people who think nice Bookshelf, first press the "Likes" button. When you partner noticed this is me reading your profile returns the "Like!", Where it is the flow that will be able to message will be matching. Never Facebook account barrel from people you do not have matching.

because it is the peace of mind to casual approach, feel free to you like people to try to put the "Like!", Please enjoy the exchange.
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DMM Koikatsu (Koikatsu) Free
Developers Comments
The DMM Koikatsu, it is the Internet matching service that familiar is provided by the CM.

This total 100,000 sets of men and women have been matching up. Are actually a lot of people meet, I have received a large number of dating report.

The emphasis on safety, security, privacy

@ the time of registration, so we made the identification using the identification, available with confidence!

A available anonymously without revealing your identity to your opponent!

B If you are using a face book account, write to the Timeline of Facebook even if you license the app does not have any!

Also, to perform identification before taking an opponent and communication,

Profile at 24 hours a day, 365 days a year support center, self-introduction statement, face photo, it is possible to perform a post monitoring of messages,

With the aim of most safe and secure matching services in Japan.

member attribute
18 to 30-something very ordinary "general of men and women" has a large number registered.

Twink men, cute women, of course,

Men, managers, doctors, lawyers, foreign financial, famous university graduates, well-known companies such as work,

Serious man who firmly of identity has been a large number registered.

Women, flight attendant, receptionist, secretary, nurse, nursery teacher, college student, etc.,

Good-looking young woman has been a large number registered.

flow of up to encounter

Pictured rate very high, heterosexual your only favorite You can search.

The search function, place of residence, age, occupation, annual income, education, height, hobbies, etc., can be set by the condition that more than 30.

Approach to your opponent is easy. If you find you like your opponent "Like!" Just press the button.

Matching established if satisfied "Like" to each other. Direct communication will be possible.


E Eligibility: Please check the Terms of Use "Article 2 Eligibility".

Face book account those who do not have a will need to verify your identity in such license.

?E Men until matching establishment is free. Mail send mail unopened two copies onward from your opponent will be paid.

?? women are available absolutely free

Terms of use
http: \ / \ / \ / rule \ / index \ / category \ / koikatsu \ /

[Privacy Policy]
http: \ / \ / \ / rule \ / index \ / category \ / privacy

Internet Dating operators report already
Acceptance number: 30140003002
About charge]

paid membership (Monthly) ... 2,900 yen (tax included)
Premium Pack (Monthly) ... 2,300 yen (tax included)

E Rates after consent of the user, will be charged to your iTunes account.

- As long as you do not want to cancel the automatic update in more than 24 hours ago period end date, membership period will be automatically updated.

" For billing when it is automatic updates, within 24 hours after the end of the membership period, billing is done in iTunes account.

And pay membership cancellation during subscription period is not performed during the remaining period of paid membership, will be canceled processed after the end of the provision of services of the 30 days.

" If the paid membership at the time of purchase paid membership is provided free of charge in the campaign, etc., the remaining period will disappear.

(Even if the period that is provided there was remaining two days free, the two days will disappear is not added.)

[For continued use \ / cancellation]

If you want to cancel the settlement registration that was registered by Apple settlement, performs a cancellation from App Store in the following procedure, please cancel the automatic renewal of the subscription.

Launch the 1.App Store
2. "recommended" at the bottom of the screen: Select the "AppleID ID of your own."

If you are signed out, select the button of "sign-in", and enter your Apple ID and password
3. Select "Show Accounts"
4. Select the "management" of the screen that is displayed
5. Automatic update of "DMM Koikatsu" I want to "off"

If you have been using the Apple settlement, with a timing of receipt mail is sent from the settlement company to our customers, and will be charged state.

In addition, the use of the above-mentioned settlement means about what are "stop", you will not be able to check the DMM. Change of charging state, you will need to have you done on your own.

If the setting change of Apple settlement is required on your own I can be considered a case such as the following.

after Apple settlement registration, if you want to change to other settlement method

Apple settlement remains of continuing state, there is a possibility that the charging occurs in
New feature
I was fixed minor bugs.
DMM Koikatsu (Koikatsu) Free
DMM Koikatsu (Koikatsu)
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