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It is the infomation on the app Deco mailer which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an Deco mailer , if a AppStar is used.
Deco mailer
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Deco mailer


Total Rating with AppStar 4.5 ★★★★★ (0 Reviews)
Dealer AWALKER co., Ltd Updated 2014-01-06 Size 13.3 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 3.2.9 Languages Japanese / English
Outline of Deco mailer
Deco-ringtone folder management and automatic sorting is enabled high-performance mailer
Recommended for people who do not Decome! Ultra-versatile deco mailer
The recommendation point of Deco mailer
  • icon of {check}You can organize your deco material and folder by dividing them into
    Return home mail to smooth the original icon created
    Blog posts and I can email sense

How to play Deco mailer
Regardless of the career, it is mailer application that can send and receive Deco-mail. Preset special characters or deco materials had garbled With mailer also, will still be displayed without garbled By using this application. Feature called Deco can be there are in the main, but in fact I have a few Recommended can also function to people who do not want the Deco-mail.

The first is the original icon creation function.
Called "yo ~ home from now" e-mail or "good morning" mail, etc., to advance create such as e-mail to be sent on a regular basis, I can be an icon. At the time of creation of the icon can be set destination, signature, etc., there is no text input field, but will be entered into properly body and once you enter as such as "~ by return" to the part of the signature. Since it is only in the text and the destination from the next tap the icon in a state that is entered, it is mean OK simply transmitted. Please try to use all means to return home mail to family.

The second that there is a left and right cursor to the mail creation screen.
You have very little in it, but the creation of the e-mail will be fairly smooth in that there is a cursor. You can easily even if you would like put the deco material in between characters.

Third, the fact that the blog post is also possible.
If there is a softbank mail account, it is possible to post to igirl and MaMaLog, Ameba. Or there is a need to launch each app in a blog post, you must have posted from the PC, but you'll be able to blog by e-mail sense if you use this application. You can such thing post a blog break temple immediately after eating lunch.

Since the function in this way can be used to non-Deco-mail has been fairly rich set is recommended for those who do not use the Deco-mail. Of course without any fool function as Deco-mail, you can easily find the deco material by folder grouping, you can collect the latest material from the browser, 200 deco material will have been built properly
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Deco mailer Free
Developers Comments
Deco mailer Deco and ringtones, all the most advanced blog posts can also to Dekorogu and Ameba is a free e-mail app.

[Main Features]
- Carrier (au \ / SB) while it can be sent !! the image of the original, regardless of the transmission size limit of
(10 I can send the mega or more images also several sheets)
- Can be specified ringtone or notification content for each recipient (name only or non-notification, etc.) !!
- Save deco material of incoming mail, of course, all of the sites and possible bulk download deco emoticons for free from blog !! Deco browser
I can save unlimited free.
Also I can be saved while moving Deco emoticons that move!
There is also a post type template site.

[Feature List]
- Send and receive e-mail correspondence to name display and icon display of contact book
- App lock function of the by-pass
- Of unread mail batch read function
- Setting and automatic mail sorting of sending and receiving folder
- Blog post function (Ameba, Dekorogu, etc.)
- Send and receive mobile pictogram corresponding
- The ability to reply while checking the received content!
- Ability to display a reply has been content to incoming mail bottom
- Original icon creation app!
- App background image change function of
- The 200 Puriin Deco pictogram Deco image!
- Other, draft \ / Trash \ / deco material storage box, etc.
-! \ / ezweb \ / Gmail \ / mobile me \ / au one \ / Y mail and IMAP capable mail

(!) You can see if you can use, but you are all set functions as much as it is thought.

[About ringtone]
In iOS6, OS itself of limiting is strictly, we will not be able to set the music library to ringtone.
In its order iOS6, and gave a specification change so that you can set the built-in notification sound.
It can not be to ringtone music library to iOS specifications are changed, understanding please kindly.
iOS5 who previously I can be set to ring tone music of the street library until now.

[AU user like]
au is deco mailer When you install it you will not be able to use the profile for real-time reception that has been opened to the public.
If you have set incorrectly, please re-setting issue the path manually again.
Both standard mailer is possible combination.

- Making it easier to down by long and Deco number of images stored ...

[Confirmed Deco post-enabled services]
- Igirl
- MaMaLog
- Mobasupe
- Mixi
- Dekorogu
- Ameba
- Yapurogu
- Deku
- Yappideko
- Peps
- Buroguri
- Chip !! blog
- Forestblog

Note: Ameba, please set the Ameba from blog post → post address added. (Will not be properly reflected in the mail post)
* Please contact the support plate if there is it is not possible to post service.

* °: ..:.: * °: ..:.

■ path you do not know
http: \ / \ / \ /ps.html
http: \ / \ / \ /faq.html
■ support plate
http: \ / \ / \ /
http: \ / \ / \ / decomailer

* °: ..:.: * °: ..:.

Please try by all means to DL because all including deco image storage etc. absolutely free.

[! ] Questions, always support plate does not bug report can reply and confirm the contents in the review (http: \ / \ / \ /) you please.
If the application does not open, please e-mail us.
decomailclient @ gmail .com

http: \ / \ / \ / decomailer

※ "Deco", "Deco-mail" is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo.
※ QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.
※ This product, Apache Software Foundation (http: \ / \ / \ /) includes software developed by.
This software uses the open source ZBar Barcode Reader library, version 1.1, which is available from http: contents of the \ / \ / \ / iphone ※ developers comment is an information of 01 May 06 date and time point 2014 , there are times when it is different from the current contents. ※ model and OS of the terminal, there are times when the app is not working correctly by setting. We recommend that you download on the check store information.
New feature
[Additional Features and specifications change]
Responding to DoCoMo mail

[Bug fix]
Bug fixes fall upon location information attached

Deco mailer Free
Deco mailer
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