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It is the infomation on the app Follow check for Twitter which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an Follow check for Twitter, if a AppStar is used.
Follow check for Twitter
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Follow check for Twitter


Total Rating with AppStar 4.5 ★★★★★ (0 Reviews)
Dealer Takenori Asami Updated 2013-10-10 Size 4.9 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 5.4 Languages Japanese / English
Outline of Follow check for Twitter
Easy follow management! I can see all of the follow-followers of Twitter
The recommendation point of Follow check for Twitter
  • icon of {check}People that are not people, are mutual follow is displayed all
    I can confirm at once a list of some of the people who past block
    Recently kindness function that reveals to people that has released a follow-up

How to play Follow check for Twitter
When the number of follow-followers of Twitter increases come, management is becoming very very. Integration, but want to be cut from here if I is cut to follow, it is Twitter account management tool that solves one fell swoop the worries that have a lot number and say not believe they did not know who to what was cut to follow.

Unilaterally people of unrequited love that follow from here, people who have been unrequited love in reverse, such as a new follower for increased recently, you all can be collectively display are listed.

Since the data of each account that such as the date and time of the tweet number and the latest Tweets are also displayed together, active accounts of whether also obvious. Is ease also great to be switched follow-Anne Follow one-tap from within the app, it is very useful app.
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Follow check for Twitter Free
Developers Comments
◎ once again to deliver to idle October!
◎ In this update corresponding to the middle of the return from the background

(Every time there is also Android version ~)

Are you check every day?
I surprisingly, no pretty tedious Twitter followers management ne handy with this app ^^
It 'is easier to do than in the PC ~

↓ old is the introduction of Mr. AppBank:
http: \ / \ / \ / 2012 \ / 07 \ / 05 \ / iphone-application \ /437324.php)

You can use this app, it can be seen immediately who has been released follow!
Course and anyone with unrequited love, that has been the partner also immediately check!
Other also feature full variety convenient, Yet Free!

■ Features
- It can be seen that the other party recently released follow
- Easy-to-understand simple operation
- Convenient fixed member function
- Show graphs

■ can be

- Of the person you've been recently released follow your list

- Of people that you have to release follow recent list
And (mistake to or released, there can contain in humans list has been checked! Blocking who have insidiously)

- List of people that crush you (I have to follow you, people you do not follow)
- List of people that you have a crush
- List of new followers
- Displayed side by side instead of the order a small number of Tweets
- Display last tweet is sorted in chronological order
- Displayed sorted by the number of follow-up is less ※ NEW !!
- Display and sorted in the order in which you have been \ / Follow to follow
- With key user, sort by approved users

- Collectively follow the people that crush you
- And cancel all follow the people you're a crush
- Recent collectively follow release the other party that you were the release follow
- Individually follow, unfollow

- List you are a person in the block
- Clear all you people in the block
- Collectively the recent opponent you a has been released follow-block
- Block the individual user

- Keyword Search (Search Tweets, user search)
- Bulk follow from Tweets search results
- Additional bulk follow from the user search results, to a fixed member

- History graph function
- Tweets function (reports, thanks to the new followers)
- Detailed display function of the top screen
- Account name, display switching function of the user name
- Prevents excessive access to Twitter
- Multiple account support
- (Protected in important human bulk operations) fixed member function
- Jump function to the official Twitter app
- URL scheme (followtool or followcheck)

■ Support
※ your want function, in recruitment! ※
Official Twitter please feel free to send ^^

■ Notes
- Person who has been released follow, people that have been released follow, list of new followers, does not work correctly if you did not set up a more than five days this app.
- Account with 75,000 or more followers + follow can not operate. Sorry (for TwitterAPI limit)

■ Contact
※ If the display contents felt strange, please try to set → data reset
※ was no longer start, and in the case of the behavior problems such as immediately fall, open the iPhone's Settings app, please try to re-register and turn off the Twitter account once. ※ The content of developers comment is information 2013 October 10 date and time point, there are times when it is different from the current contents. ※ model and OS of the terminal, there are times when the app is not working correctly by setting. We recommend that you download on the check store information.
New feature
(* Please read the last of the above description if the phenomenon, such as immediately fall after startup is out)

Thank you very much available Kudasari. Updates the contents of this time we have become as follows.

- I can now resume from the middle to the time of the background return
- I can now sort by follow-number
- Others gave a plurality of correction

Thank you in the future.
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Follow check for Twitter
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