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It is the infomation on the app Everyone's business card which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an Everyone's business card , if a AppStar is used.
Everyone's business card
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Everyone's business card


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Dealer CosmoMediaService Co.,Ltd. Updated 2013-12-29 Size 49.9 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 1.1.2 Languages Japanese / English
Outline of Everyone's business card
Over full color business cards and card printing services
Business card design, I can also not asked to suppliers!
The recommendation point of Everyone's business card
  • icon of {check}Business card created by putting the letter and photographs to template it is prepared in the app
    Order at 40 sheets 40 types OK! I override the mass printing idea of business cards
    Beautiful luster coding processing that uses a high-resolution printing machine

How to play Everyone's business card
This application is a tool application that allows to order by creating free business cards. A business card that was created by using a template or the like in the app, you can order from 1 pack 40 sheets. Also I can use save images in the smartphone.

Business cards to order, is OK with 40 sheets 40 types. 100 sheets the same thing, I'm overriding the general idea of printing large amounts of more than 200 sheets. For business, private for, the various things such as the original trading card and can be ordered at once. Please try to order to suit the application.

Finished business card, you beautifully finished in glossy coding processing using the high resolution of the printing press. Full color business cards can be printed on 40 sheets 840 yen (including tax). Free shipping. We also have established delivery system the day if order dispatch and next day o'clock on weekdays 13. To order a business card on a business trip from the hotel, the next day it is delivered to the company, What a thing that will also realize the situation.

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Everyone's business card Free
Developers Comments
Simple business card, of course, a personal card, original trading card, pet business card, such as mom friend business card, it is your to create a favorite business card (card) and immediately orders can app according to the situation.
Your order is complete in situ was taken photo to put the character! You can easily ordered on the go or traveling.
Because it is a high-grade printing which has been subjected to gloss coating on a business card printing with high quality on-demand printing machine, general business card than stand out thing definitely! And I will deliver a super speed of the shortest day of shipment.
For more information, see the support site.

[For business card printing fee]
○ 1 pack 40 sheets 840 yen (including tax and shipping)
※ 40 sheets of breakdown I can freely combined.
○ payment method
- Credit card
(VISA, JCB, Master, AMEX, such as Diners)
- Carrier settlement
(Softbank · au · docomo)
- COD (Sagawa Express e- collect)
※ In the case of cash on delivery, will be charged separately commission is 315 yen.

We are a privacy mark grant operators. We will thoroughly enhanced protection and safety management of important personal information, so you can order with confidence.

Select a design template and get the required information, will be displayed the same finish sample and actual business card printing, easy to work is underway.

I can print a high-quality, full-color business card (card) is 840 yen in 40 sheets per pack (including tax).
Japan - Free Shipping! ] Will be delivery charge to free printing fee 2,000 yen or more.

Since the day we will send if minutes until your order on weekdays of 17, the next day in the shortest it can be delivered the business card.
(By the addressee different dates need to deliver. Please check the details, support site.)

1 pack of 40 sheets of contents, so also in each one 40 species in one 40 sheets is OK, you can only ordering necessary business cards of different designs and applications.

Using the camera function and photo library of in-app, you can easily create a beautiful Photo business card.
As little greeting cards and greetings card, also, if you use a trading card-style design, also you can make easily original team trading card.

Print business cards using the latest on-demand printing machine Xerox Color C75 Press, it is high-grade printing which has been subjected to gloss coating that beautiful feeling up.

<2 sizes to choose>
General business card size of regular card and (91 × 55mm), 2 types of the available small card of size easy to put in your wallet (85 × 51mm).
You can choose to suit the application.

And so that you can capture images from the standard photo library, if cooperation in such as file sharing apps and image variants app,
It is also possible to use an image you have edited on a PC or iPhone, etc..

Also how to use!
○ boy Create original trading card baseball team!
And if everyone's business card, so you can photography & editing on the fly, easy to cool trading card will make.

To Greetings ○ moving
Put the photos and greetings of your family, your moving greeting card.

○ to invitations and greeting cards
X'mas party invitations and, as guidance card of birthday party.

The fun ○ pet business card and hobbies of business cards
Dog, of course, such as the hobby of car and fishing, as well as a variety of personal cards.

Usage is endless!
Each template has been set genre each, but usage is free. Try a variety of how to use!

Also I will develop the future!
Difficult to understand the point and still, there is a point where difficult to use, but we plan to strengthen brush up and function more and more so, please send us to feel free to support page such as opinions and requests.

※ even if I received the writing of inquiry to App Store reviews, since the review page does not have a function to return a reply, and you can contact your trouble even support site or support dial (048-940-7141) I hope. ※ The content of developers comment is information of December 2013 29th point, there are times when it is different from the current contents. ※ model and OS of the terminal, there are times when the app is not working correctly by setting. We recommend that you download on the check store information.
New feature
- We added career settlement payment method (Softbank, au, docomo) a.
- We reduce the time it takes to boot.
- And worked to stabilize the operation review the image processing flow.
- Has decided the modification of some bug. "
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Everyone's business card Free
Everyone's business card
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