Encounter app SNS [J plus]
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It is the infomation on the app Encounter app SNS [J plus] which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an Encounter app SNS [J plus], if a AppStar is used.
Encounter app SNS [J plus]
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Encounter app SNS [J plus]


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Dealer MIC GENERAL PLANNING INC. Updated 2014-06-11 Size 5.4 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 3.1.1 Languages Japanese / English
Outline of Encounter app SNS [J plus]
And looking for friends, lovers in the registration free, and trying to matchmaking, Koikatsu in ON LINE chat!
Confidence that founding '27 gives birth. Delivering a solid encounter of safety and security to you
The recommendation point of Encounter app SNS [J plus]
  • icon of {check}Free content rich! Fee is inexpensive point system
    Clear and safe points required for each use content
    If successfully utilized to meet with women for free in men!

How to play Encounter app SNS [J plus]
Dating community service, which boasts a number three million people members, is the smartphone version of the app by "J mail".
In addition to matching the men and women of the encounter, making it the dating community services that can be widely used for men with each other, friends recruitment of women to each other.

Rich by selecting from the condition, search by user photos of or, you can find your favorite opponent from posting bulletin board, also to be or send an email to see the footprints of the person you came to see my profile, in a variety of ways You can be approach to the other party.

Security aspects have also been consideration, you can block the users who do not want to contact by the black list function, and to monitor the professional team in the support system of 24 hours, available women in peace system.

Even before the membership registration, it is possible to see the profile of each user from photo search screen.
Anyone who registered Toka troublesome also, and what people will think also interesting look into whether killing time seeking to meet.

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Encounter app SNS [J plus] Free
Developers Comments
[J is a plus]
It is a dating community app Japan's largest matching site "J mail".
Rich search criteria, I can exchange messages in your favorite opponent and chat format.

- The phrase can be set search criteria!
- Full and play with free content!
- I can approach the other party in a way!
- Rest assured ~Yuriti has also been firmly taken into account!
- You can use immediately with a simple registration After you unload!
- Be able to see a user's profile in the photo search screen even before registration!

Since its inception 27 years, we have been offering to meet a variety of tools.
Friends in the registration free, Mel friend, hobby fellow, boyfriend, girlfriend, blind date, lover, love, have matchmaking, encounter bulletin board to find a marriage partner, such as your favorite partner fulfilling.
I can find the matched your opponent to your favorite community app encounter can fine profile settings.
Because men and women interested in meeting you Welcome lot, let's send aggressively message If you find the opposite sex you're looking.
In Come J plus, please try to start the encounter.

[Main features]
Bulletin board
Finely setting can search
Send and receive messages
Send and receive images and videos
After foot
My favorite
My profile
Automatic login
Notification function
Block function
Push notification (message, after foot, favorites)
※ We are planning to update also various functions added in the future.

[Support System]
Bulletin board, such as self-introduction of writing and photos, has been at any time check at the secretariat, inappropriate will be removed.
To help you with peace of mind safely, and we offer a notification function and block function.
Report is to reach the professional team, on the contents of the confirmation, you will strictly deal.
Contact us 24 hours a day, you professional staff will carefully guide.

J Plus only those over 18 years of age are available.

[Supported OS version]
iOS5.0 or later

[Contact Us]
Mail correspondence: 365 days 24 hour

[Internet Dating business notification already]
Fukuoka Public Safety Commission accepted number: 90080006000 ※ content developers comment is information of June 11 date and time point 2014, there are times when it is different from the current contents. ※ model and OS of the terminal, there are times when the app is not working correctly by setting. We recommend that you download on the check store information.
New feature
I was fixed some bugs.

Encounter app SNS [J plus] Free
Encounter app SNS [J plus]
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Encounter app SNS [J plus]
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Encounter app SNS [J plus]
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Encounter app SNS [J plus]
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