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Encounter Ikukuru (official app)
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It is the infomation on the app Encounter Ikukuru (official app) which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an Encounter Ikukuru (official app), if a AppStar is used.
Encounter Ikukuru (official app)
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Encounter Ikukuru (official app)


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Dealer prosgate Co.,Ltd. Updated 2014-11-12 Size 39.1 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 01.00.13 Languages Japanese / English
Outline of Encounter Ikukuru (official app)
Ciao and meet our ideal partner in Japan's largest dating community!
The recommendation point of Encounter Ikukuru (official app)
  • icon of {check}It is possible to look for the encounter from the writing of more than 25,000 every day
    Also user making the face many, is also required appearance importance of encounter
    There is also a diary function, I understand well that the other party

How to play Encounter Ikukuru (official app)
Number of members is more than 6 million. It is an application of Japan's largest dating community "Ikukuru".

That the Japan's largest, multi-of opportunity to meet the most attractive of this application. Number of members, although more than 6 million was also mentioned earlier. Write interested in meeting, the 25,000 or more every day. It might be a bit to find the ideal partner from a number of people are very, but if changing the word to "all-you-can-you want to select" guy.

Many, yet many camera photos user making the face. Caught on photo booth fraud, and when I met unfortunately & hellip; Nante and not worry about. Because photograph publication has required of board also available, it is recommended for those who are interested in meeting in the appearance-oriented.

Diary function and tweet function, dating experiences etc., also the type of content rich. Can be precisely because of Japan's largest, I can expect a deep encounter. Seriously is everyone thinks the partner and the encounter of ideal Please use.

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Encounter Ikukuru (official app) Free
Developers Comments
Love and play in Ikukuru!
Number of members total 6 million people !!

■ Ultra venerable site of operation from 2000 !!
■ Thanks to 13 years !!
■ To register for both men and women free !!
■ e-mail address and telephone number at the time of registration is not required !!
■ can already Ikukuru also login Toward the member !!

Ikukuru, the probability that meet luxury stamp of LINE UP also top-class excellent service!
The meet was reported full of anytime, anywhere nice encounter if you use the Ikukuru starts immediately.
Since the member clients that have me for a photo also Welcome many, boyfriend also a short appearance importance of encounter, she will find lover, is Mel friend!

Since the well-play location that can be set by the municipality unit can check the members not far away!
You can look for the meet in local, convenient and also to enjoy the meet in the road-travel destination!

The inexperienced person to SNS, you can find the had met in yourself easily in those who SNS tired!
The message to convey the feelings to your partner, you cute stamp is directly linked to the results reportedly the feelings have been multiple LINE UP to trendy!

And daily events is a free diary corner where there is more than 2,000 submissions every day, such as the topic of the hobby, so photos can also be up Ideal for topic development! I might become friends while you are exchanging a comment!

Lover, drinking friends, marriage, heterosexual, sex etc ...
"Always encounter from Ikukuru"

◆ main function
- Message BOX & stamp
- Profile Advanced Search
- Photos Search
- Smile function
- Diary
- Comprehensive Popularity Index
- My Friend
- My favorite
- Message Board
- Tweet
- Footprints history
- Memo function
- Ignore List
- Push notification settings (new mail Smile Message Board & Announcements)

Still a lot of function is full Ikukuru is an update scheduled for further fun features in the future.

no doubt that your Community Line to enhance!
Let's looking to get laid in a manner that suits them to try a variety!

◆ security pat
I have the operation and management in 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Support system that promptly can support is fully equipped to trouble.

◆ patrol system that is fulfilling
· In Ikukuru, and photos that have been registered in the profile, we are writing checks of self-introduction, etc., content contrary to the Terms of Service will not be able to be posted.
· Discomfort as if you had discovered such as writing and profile picture that seems, when you tap the "report", you will be able to report to Ikukuru.
· Even jewels function deny uncomfortable thought was your opponent in the exchange.
· In Ikukuru, we have taken a system that can respond quickly to customer inquiries. For inquiries and report, and corresponds to the principle within 24 hours.

◆ Supported OS version
· IOS5.0 later

※ of regard available to Ikukuru app Please read app Terms of always.
To you.

Toward non-Japanese
We hope foreigners to enjoy this app.
This app is one of the most famous dating app!
Many of Japanese use this app and find nice boyfriend or girlfriend. ※ The contents of the developers comment is information of November 12 date and time point 2014, there are times when it is different from the current contents. ※ model and OS of the terminal, there are times when the app is not working correctly by setting. We recommend that you download on the check store information.
New feature
I Fixed minor bug.
I had to change the part design.

Encounter Ikukuru (official app) Free
Encounter Ikukuru (official app)
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