Encounter Darerogu?
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It is the infomation on the app Encounter Darerogu? which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an Encounter Darerogu? , if a AppStar is used.
Encounter Darerogu?
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Encounter Darerogu?


Total Rating with AppStar 4.5 ★★★★★ (0 Reviews)
Dealer RIO Inc. Updated 2015-03-04 Size 7.6 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 1.14 Languages Japanese / English
Outline of Encounter Darerogu?
Friends looking for online chat free to start with your neighborhood talk BBS
May be 100 people friends! Registration not required of ultra high-performance communication app
The recommendation point of Encounter Darerogu?
  • icon of {check}You can interact with the other party with a specific opponent or a common hobby
    Us to notify you when friends of ideal was near "passing communication"
    Can be sent messages and the bulletin board function in a foreign country

How to play Encounter Darerogu?
I want friends with a common hobby! I want to meet the people who live in the vicinity! I would like to chat with someone to kill time! It is a communication app that will fulfill all such a wish. You can send in random to an unspecified number of people, and can send a message in directed to a particular opponent, is characterized to be able to use in the use of my own.

And large difference is that traditional SNS and chat app, that various exchange methods are available. You can send a message to a random opponent, to "pick off" by choice the close of people from the map or, variety is the way to find or the people of the same hobby on the bulletin board. If you set even conditions "ideal friend" There is also a notification to us, such as happy function when came near.

Broad support until such time that from the time referred to as "just want to message tonight to kill time", "values are want to make the same true friend". Person that friends also less If you have just moved recently, and Why not try feel free to hit the message.

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Encounter Darerogu? Free
Developers Comments
[Definitive edition of meeting with friends]
Total DL40 million people topped !! Darerogu is featured in various media, has steadily raised! For people who want to meet the future of friends is the definitive application of Recommended! Multi-platform deployment there of rapidly increase in !! number of number of members in the chat app message \ / chat \ / SNS \ / to switch if you here !! safe and secure because among the GPS system apps we recommend with confidence !!

[Darerogu? And]
"Darerogu?" Is troublesome addy registration \ / authentication unnecessary, is the basic free ※ message \ / chat \ / Talk \ / SNS app. With ultra-high-performance application that provides a variety of functions depending on usage, is recommended for a variety of applications from meeting with friends to Bangin! From the neighborhood to the world, Aim through the chat! 100 people friends !!
※ You can earn the program in the currency free from the login bonus and advertising.

[Passing communication]
As a feature of this application not only to other apps, you can send to or receive notification when you are within a specified distance is "ideal friend" in using the GPS location information "passing communication", automatically chat message meeting with friends further a width will realize it is possible! Encounter with the unexpected person also is one of the fun!

The people who want a more deep usage can chat with your friends in the region in! "Pick off" using the GPS location information function. Close to the people, far away of people, age, and "shoot aim!" From a variety of angles such as gender that can, you can achieve a meeting with friends on demand.
Map view, list view, you can search from the thumbnail view the chat partner freely.
※ To receive your use here of the function you need to register, such as a nickname.

[Bulletin board]
Also, please try to by all means feel free to write \ / search Because it is available you also "bulletin board" function if you want to meet with my friends in the genre of your choice!
Encounter with chat buddies along the purpose will surely achieve!

[Additional functions]
Function of the app at any time, we plan to continue to add your opinions to the original!
I am planning an update on the pace of much current monthly.
Discover the encounter with the new chat friends with the new function!

Main feature list of app]
○ GPS sniping
○ GPS passing communication
○ bulletin board
○ History
○ Favorited
○ video features

[How to use this you can]
○ I want to make a hobby both community!
And then you can also be recruited in the bulletin board, you can also shoot aim from all over the world will focus towards the common idea! Please enjoy the encounter with chat friends in a free way, so we have support a wide range of search method!

I want to make friends with ○ your neighborhood!
You can look at the recruitment of the nearby region in the bulletin board, so we made it possible from the map in the shooting to find a friend of visually close to the area, please to meeting place with chat buddies in your free way.

○ killing time I want fellow and meet!
It is recommended app also encounter with "little time of killing time chat friend"!
By using a shooting function Let's send a message to members that match and yourself from the map.
※ adult (erotic) content of the talk is prohibited.

○ I want to meet with Mel friend!
Privacy (personal information) is the by far also recommended for those that there is no need tangled in humans and real anxious!
Please try to feel free to access every day because the login bonus Nowak!

○ Women's Association, I want to find an event fellow such as town Con (blind date)!
Because you can make a recruitment of various genres in the bulletin board, please try to write it! Might unexpected encounter is waiting!

○ I met a foreigner and want to learn a foreign language!
You can also be sent to foreign countries. It is also recommended if you want to know a foreigner as talk partners of language improvement!
※ Please specify the conditions of favorite narrowing.

○ I want to invite a fellow game cheats!
Pazudora, Dragon Quest, in order to exchange the capture information of Monster Hunter such as a game, but it is also very effective to meet through the bulletin board!

○ I want to exchange information of a particular topic!
Entertainment information, romance, matchmaking, marriage, matchmaking, etc., it is also recommended as a place of information exchange that rise in same-sex with each other!

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Encounter Darerogu? Free
Encounter Darerogu?
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