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It is the infomation on the app In other Ippuru trend which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an In other Ippuru trend, if a AppStar is used.
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In other Ippuru trend


Total Rating with AppStar 4.5 ★★★★★ (0 Reviews)
Dealer BIGLOBE Inc. Updated 2014-04-05 Size 2.3 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 1.1 Languages Japanese / English
Outline of In other Ippuru trend
Thread goes to 2ch? ! Let quickly get hot too tweet!
The recommendation point of In other Ippuru trend
  • icon of {check}I can confirm the latest trends that are raised in Twitter, etc.
    It becomes the collapsible without feeling a spare free time
    It is possible to see the user's response to the word HOT

How to play In other Ippuru trend
Streets in the topic of Twitter. User is RT to a lot of people posting the tweet is without any care, take the summary of 2ch, is a service that has the power of about produce also the epidemic it off society.

By using the tweet of such Twitter, it is this application was to be able to grasp the latest trends and interesting image. Let's ride with the flow of society to put in hand quickly seasonal information!

Since interest is sparse by people That said, I will look for the story from the genre such as "image" and "celebrity" of their own preferences. You can look at the user's response to HOT word that go up to the topic, you can consider reading whether the topic of tweet is what cuisine in 2ch, you can way of enjoying jumped over the Twitter of frame.

By quickly get hot too tweet, let's ride to flow in fashion!
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In other Ippuru trend Free
Developers Comments
Twitter is a free app that ranking of the latest trends that are raised in the (Twitter), etc..
"One Ippuru" in the familiar topic of image-tweet-celebrity, HOT word also at any time easily check!

Since she can have fun looking for information collection & story by simply looking at the app, even to kill time and ◎.
Person with a Twitter, even to people who do not have a Twitter and ◎.
Such as the time until the train or waiting,
It would look somehow a little interlude ... It is such a app!
Instead of newspapers, news, television, radio, emergency bulletins · Web site,
As your information source, please help us by all means the "one Ippuru trend".

● Index all five
· Image (photo): Funny Pictures (Photo), animal image (photo), of idle private shot such as
· The Tweets: Tweets that are official RT
· Summary: 2-channel (2ch) Summary site (hamster Breaking New speed, etc.), Wikipedia, Togetter etc.
· Celebrity: K-POP · Korean stars, idle, musicians, comedians, etc., celebrities that have been active in the Music and Entertainment Variety Sports TV and radio
· HOT word: (grasp topic was raised on television and radio · 2ch, etc., even earthquakes, train, congestion information and news immediately) are raised on Twitter epidemic of word & hash tag

● Recommended for those who like
· I want to be the first to know what has become a hot topic on the Twitter
· If you want to catch it without missing the big news
· Idly and watching are apps you want to kill time -
· I want to suppress your favorite idol and talent trends
· I want to be healed by looking at the cute animal image (photo) and video, such as cat
· 2ch raised even (2-channel), etc.
· I want to share to find an interesting small story and help information
· I want to split second Get topic of app-
· Though, to read the newspaper and news hassle, world of situation you want to know
· At the time, commuting, even electrical accident, delay, congestion information grasped by HOT word!
· I want to know the TV \ / radio echoes on Twitter
· Earthquake \ / earthquake early warning, etc. disaster information also I want to know immediately
· I want to use and with the Twitter client
· Would love to Twitter Anyway and-!

● useful features
· The sharing feature: Share want to share with you I thought keyword or image, and more at Twitter
· Swipe operation by Ranking Change: Easily switch in the ranking a swipe operation
· Auto Scroll: Index by automatic scrolling the, hands-free viewing
New feature
iOS7.1 I was supported.
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In other Ippuru trend Free
In other Ippuru trend
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