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It is the infomation on the app RUNWAY channel community which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an RUNWAY channel community, if a AppStar is used.
RUNWAY channel community
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RUNWAY channel community


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Dealer MARK STYLER Co., Ltd. Updated 2014-04-07 Size 14.6 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 2.2.0 Languages Japanese / English
Outline of RUNWAY channel community
Models and salon staff, information-packed, which is delivered from the longing of fashionable san!
The recommendation point of RUNWAY channel community
  • icon of {check}Six channels to enjoy the fashion culture
    Your want information, come automatically flows to the time line!
    I like the image and information, save to my channel checks
How to play RUNWAY channel community
Models and salon staff, Web site of information packed to be delivered from the longing of fashionable's, the "RUNWAY channel", it is an application that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Information to be delivered, has been divided into six channels of [fashionista] [user] [brand] [snap] [movie] [news]. intended for all channels to enjoy the fashion culture! If you want to read a blog favorite model [fashionista]. As such [brand] or [News] If you want to know the event information, be to follow the channel of their own want information, it will automatically to come flowing in the time line.

I like the image and information, save in the My channel Press the LOVE button. It is possible to look back many times later, you can also create a channel yourself. And also connected to external blogs and SNS, and enjoy communication with fashionable's us!

Recommended for fashionable girls, it is Gunto spread to us app world of fashion.
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RUNWAY channel community Free
Developers Comments
Along with the reader model and popular shop staff, fashion app RUNWAY is willing to share the realistic trend information channel Community !!

■ anymore graduated from Dekoru only app!? Coordinated dedicated camera processing start!
Just for fashion lovers, we I have made coordination dedicated photo processing functions! On the easy photo the brand name of the clothes you are wearing and we will be able to credit processing. After taking a coordinated photo First, try to share it from cute processed in RUNWAYchannel outfit! You can also filter or blur!

■ seen clothes that really are popular, RUNWAYchannel outfit
Beginning readers models and popular shop staff, sensitive girls the trend is a lot to RUNWAYchannel! Let's replace the trend by sharing real plain clothes you are wearing today RUNWAYchannel outfit! Find a real fashion trend that can not be loaded into the magazine!

■ Do not hesitate anymore Corde, outfit Search
"I want to wear the white pants Rashiku spring, it is called No it? When combined What To Rashiku this year" Let searching everyone's outfit if you lost a! If search for "pants", "white", outfit that would be helpful to come out a lot. From a squeezable in the brand name, it is possible to see a lot only favorite brand outfit. ※ The login members only feature.

community for all the girls who ■ are looking for their own style
1 person is very continue Shine girls force. Not only fashion and beauty, fashion likely Concerning Copyrights, there is a delicious French toast cafe, good di taking methods, such as, by exchanging information that can be used in various genres with everyone, it will raise the girls force everyone!
RUNWAY channel supports "women's force Shine" of fashion likes girls.

---- * + ----- + ----- * * + -----------------------
Born from here, real-time trend
RUNWAY channel Community
----------------------- * + ----- + ----- * * + ----

Features of RUNWAY channel Community

[Cute credit processing the brand name]
Can pretty easy credit processing the brand name to the outfit (coordination) photo. If arrange the color and size of the character, as if on one page like a photo of the magazine! Also lucky filter or blur function.

[BRIEF blog Paste Corde photos]
When you put a Corde to blog, hard to me to enter the brand name. You can use the RUNWAYchannel out fit, ultra-easy because pasted Corde photos to blog along with the easily selected brand name. ameblo, decolog, crooz, popular blog is all okay!

[Outfit wearing everyone today]
Packages to everyone in today's real plain clothes can see, real-time outfit search service. The RUNWAYchannel, also a lot fashionable of professionals who work in the fashion industry. You can follow your favorite girl, by posting their plain clothes, and try to exchange with everyone familiar fashion trends that can be used tomorrow!

[Familiar trend information packed BLOG]
Not only fashion, favorite pancake shop and image processing application you are using recently, clean di take can w until toilet mirror information, packed in the familiar trend information fashionista BLOG which can be used tomorrow! ※ posts currently BLOG is the fashionista limited function.

[To you also Fashionista]
You can continue to post the outfit, and is enjoying a lot of communication with LOVE and comments, RUNWAY channel is your scout! Enjoy communication about fashion First is committed to each other follow! When it comes to fashionistas, to outfit post is posted on the TOP screen, it can be written also BLOG!

[Fashion Calendar leave cute memories]
in the calendar all together outfit that they have post. If you leave the day-to-day outfit, "the other day that day I met him, what Did wearing?" Also worries of resolution! If the private mode and not seen by anyone to leave the only fashion log of their own.

Real-time trend born from everyday fashionista is,
All of the girl you're looking for my style is to support the women's force Shine,
It is RUNWAY channel Community.

※ Link brand and product names are posted on the outfit content, it is a posting of factual information about the clothes you are wearing, not meant to be done in advertising and other commercial purposes.
New feature
· Once the selected brand name remains on the history, it was easier to select again.
· The selected brand name can now be processed on the image as a credit.
· You can now filter processing or blur processing on the image.
· Out Fit you can now search by brand name or color.
· Fine it has fixed the bug.
RUNWAY channel community Free
RUNWAY channel community
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