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It is the infomation on the app Cytus which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an Cytus, if a AppStar is used.
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Total Rating with AppStar 4.5 ★★★★★ (0 Reviews)
Dealer Rayark Inc. Updated 2013-11-06 Size 396 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 4.5.0 Languages English
Outline of Cytus
The word stylish is perfect! High-quality music game
The recommendation point of Cytus
  • icon of {check}Beautiful graphics and sense of good interface
    Music and background to feel your own view of the world rhythm game"
How to play Cytus
Interface, graphics, music is good sense, respectively, the game is also of high music game. It is a high application as degree of perfection is reputed even as ""the pinnacle of the music game"" between the user.

The game tap and flick the mark to the rhythm, we piled the score while connecting the combo. Since the degree of difficulty has been nine levels available, it is possible to go up the difficulty little by little.

188 or more of the variations are available have been recorded more than 94 songs. Moreover, since is that newly continue to add songs to each to achieve 10 million downloads, you can expect to add future of music.

Game also possible to compete in the world of players and ranking in the Center. Summarized volume also full marks to stylish. If the music game like it is not an exaggeration to say that the must-have, it is super recommended game."
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Cytus Free
Developers Comments
Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore iPhone music game category No.1
Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, China iPad music game category No.1
US Store iPhone & iPad music game category No.2
Sincerely I thank overwhelming support of everyone!
** Welcome ** in Cytus Music World

The feel on music and art, the echo of the beat and sound!

First of all in the screen shot, Check no iOS best music game ever!
Let experience anyway to play!

* Feature *
- Famous composer by, 94 songs or more of music and 188 or more variations around the world
- Beautiful art style by hand (see illustrations of the screen shot)
- Intuitive active scan line system and three types of notebook
- Customizable notebook display method to suit the preference of the player
- Intense and feedback by the beat and rhythm
- A wide range of degree of difficulty corresponding from casual to challenge 9 level or above
- Pop, jazz, trance, hardcore, of various genres such as drum and bass music
- Game Center rankings support: challenge to players around the world!
- Let's show off the prowess of Cytus with Facebook

* Method of operation *
- To play along to activate the scan lines
- Tap when the line passes through each note
- To aim at the high score, let's tap in Mihakara~tsu when the line is just superimposed on each note

* Story *
Distant future things. Once as the last remnant of the soul that man had, it was left as the only robot has a sense.

However, the human race did not mean he perished.
Technology that can transfer the stored in these robots is, although there is a limit to the space,
New memories is going to gradually replaced the old memories.

So that no feelings remain in human memory is no longer faded, robots converts the emotion in music, I began to save the location that was called Cytus.
They are, by experience human emotions by using the music, I have dreamed of the existence of each of the soul ....

-------------------------------------------------- -
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※ content developers comment is information of the time November 6, 2013, might be different from the current contents.
※ model and OS of the terminal, there are times when the app is not working properly by the setting. We recommend that you download on the check store information."
New feature
By your devoted support and affection to Cytus, chapter 6 is free release
Below. I'm really thankyou.
Chapter genre S was not a Cytus until now, now it is composed of a remix symphony
Also this chapter S is, mower in position as a notice of ""Project Symphony"" currently in development
Ri you.
If you play a chapter S, the character set and the background of the ""Project Symphony"" kinda
Only you ... may be seen?
Cytus100 million downloads plan in progress, the next chapter in each time for 10 million downloads
It will be free release.
Free release can not wait fan of chapter S will enjoy the preceding play an additional charge
Give me."
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Cytus Free
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