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It is the infomation on the app Nail Concierge which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an Nail Concierge, if a AppStar is used.
Nail Concierge
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Nail Concierge


Total Rating with AppStar 4.5 ★★★★★ (0 Reviews)
Dealer CELLANT Corporation. Updated 2011-10-28 Size 4.8 MB
Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 1.1.3 Languages Japanese / English
Outline of Nail Concierge
Convenient app for the manicurist's such as customer management and nail save that you created in the past
The recommendation point of Nail Concierge
  • icon of {check}The medical records of one person customer in detail manageable
    To arrive immediately on the information that has been obtained by the Refine Search
How to play Nail Concierge
Nail Concierge is a medical record application that can manage customer data with photos.

For manicurist's, it is important that it should be properly manage the person customers. Well to come us or customer of the, how much of a person who pays me money, to grasp and nail favorite
By doing it should be, you'll be able to provide a better service.

This app using the camera function of the terminal, you can easily make a medical record with photographs. With photos medical record not only nail the can be recorded in detail that made until now, if those who you come many times will be able to better proposal than can be grasped the trend of preference.

In addition, it is possible to find a customer's birthday and coming to a store date in the search refinement, it also helps to DM business for online promotion.
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Nail Concierge Free
Developers Comments
nail Concierge (nail Concierge) is a customer management application for the manicurist.
It is possible to carry out the customer or medical records management by a simple operation.
Medical records can also be created only by the tap, photograph it is possible to be registered in the medical record from the camera and the camera roll.
Furthermore age and past number of visits from the customer's last visit, you can be confirmed until the sales amount.

Features of nail Concierge

▼ free application

nail Concierge is your able application on all free.

▼ enhance customer management function

Birthday and gender, customers of various kinds of information of e-mail address as well, you can set the characteristics and state of the customer's nails.
From the customer list and can see the date of the last treatment with one tap, you can call the medical record immediately.
In the customer details screen, making it ideal for customer management because it can also refer to number of visits and total sales amount of up to well now a list of photos taken up to now.
Also from the customer screen since it is possible to start the e-mail, it is also possible to send e-mail announcements of events and campaigns.

The customer attribute color is served five colors, and can be linked to the customer.
For example, make it easier to customer management by color-coded, such as Platinum members and Gold members.
The name of the attribute can optionally be carried out from the setting screen.

▼ simple medical record management in the tap

And if previously to record the treatment content and photos to the wonder? Medical record to any design, you can also call a year ago medical record easily.
Communication to show the photos taken in the audience. We will strongly support the manicurist.
Treatment contents are five types that are provided in the chart setting. It can be easily registered in the tap, you will be able to further tied the detailed information to and each practitioner content.
In addition, registration of medical records do not each time need to create a new one.
It is possible to copy from the medical records of history information in one tap, it does not take time and effort.

▼ Other Features
Set a passcode.
Export of customer information and medical record data registered.


・ It does not correspond to iOS4 multitasking.
・ The number of data that have confirmed the operation in this app is the number of customers: 500, is the number 6,000 medical records.
・ Export function of the data there is, the picture data can not be exported.
It is recommended that you frequently synchronize with iTunes.
・ Customer and medical record data import can not be.


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the iOS 5 to your use of our customers
nail Concierge is compatible with iOS 5.
New feature
It was supported in iOS 5.

As a result it was solved the app falls problem with the following operation.

・ In the customer list screen, when you close in history display opening and closing when you tap the customer.
・ A customer list screen, after a transition in the customer information or medical record screen opened the last visit date, when tapping the back button.
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Nail Concierge Free
Nail Concierge
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