Low back pain diagnosis
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It is the infomation on the app Low back pain diagnosis which can be used by iPad/iPhone.You can look for the review of an Low back pain diagnosis, if a AppStar is used.
Low back pain diagnosis
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Low back pain diagnosis


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Conditions iPhone / iPad Version 1.1 Languages Japanese / English
Outline of Low back pain diagnosis
To treatment from the cause elucidation of your low back pain, do all exercise app
Individual improvement program
The recommendation point of Low back pain diagnosis
  • icon of {check}Pelvis is stable in exercise of only five days, low back pain improvement!
    Self-check menu that you can check their symptoms
    In two of the menu other than basic, aftercare also perfect
How to play Low back pain diagnosis
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Low back pain diagnosis Free
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It was ranked in category 1 and comprehensive TOP10!
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"Low back pain diagnosis and individual improvement program" is an application of the order to get the "functional and beautiful body to look." It will prescribe a pelvic exercise and 5 days menu tailored to your symptoms.

Nakameguro Nagai orthopedic clinic director: by symmetry exercise of Masayuki Mr. devised Nagai, correct wearing the use of the body, is also obtained the effect of simultaneously posture improvement and diet and low back pain improves.

Since you are programming a simple pelvic exercises, you can feel free to continue.

As for exercise methods and effect, it is safe because it is directly question the supervised person on Twitter. nagaibsc

■ self-check
Check your symptoms, to determine the exercise menu to prescribe.To self-check of the answer is the Scoring. Please check-experience the process of low back pain is improved.

■ Exercise menu
Basic menuDo 5 per day one of the exercise five days, we improved the low back pain to stabilize the foundation (pelvis).

Advance menu
Proceed to terminate the basic menu 5 days, it is the total finish of low back pain improvement exercise.

Pin point exercise (pinpoint exercise will not be allocated points.)
This is the menu for one day.Those who clear the Advanced menu, please check once the body of the state in 3 to 5.

"Advanced" menu and "Basic" is from the end of the exercise for one day, until the date changes are managed so as not to proceed to exercise the next day.However, you can review the end pre-exercise at any time.

■ comparison
A score of self-check, it will display a graph. Please check, you feel the process is improved physical condition.

■ reset
The procedure proceeds to exercise menu in implementation, you can receive a new exercise prescription When you press the top of the reset button.

■ Disclaimer
• This application, does not guarantee the effective exercise.
• This app Use at your own risk
• This application is not intended to identify the name of the disease such as lumbar disc herniation, spinal canal stenosis.
• Some loss in this application, it can not bear responsibility even if such damage has occurred.
Please note.

■ Supervisor: Masayuki Nagai
Nakameguro Nagai orthopedic clinic director
Judo (orthopedic nurse)
Japan Amateur Sports Association Certified Athletic Trainer
JOC Olympic strengthening staff
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Version 1.1It was supported in English.
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It now supports iPad.
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Low back pain diagnosis Free
Low back pain diagnosis
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