Privacy policy
We [Appstar](hereinafter referred to as [Appstar].) Through, will continue to provide a place where you can enjoy more the smartphone app to everyone of site users.
In [Appstar] is handling the personal information of everyone of service users carefully with extreme caution, as a social mission that I am allowed to carefully use, here that to comply with the personal information protection laws and regulations and declared, you can set this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the [Terms].).
1.Safety management measures of personal information
We, leakage of personal information of service users, will take the necessary and appropriate measures for safety management of loss or damage prevention other personal information.
2.Purpose of use
We, on the occasion of providing Appstar, will acquire certain information of 6. Described.
Its purpose is as follows.

(1) Service for providing
(2) In order to guide you through the other services related to Appstar
(3) services and suitable for service users, for information analysis to guide the advertisement for app
(4) on which is processed into a format that can not identify the individual, of and create statistical data app user, to perform the application user marketing (the data, on which is processed into a format that can not identify the individual, the third party you may have to sell to)
(5) if necessary, in order to contact to the service user
(6) Appstar and Appstar for optimization of advertising in the services related
3.Third party offer
The Company, except in cases falling under any of the following, will not disclose or provide personal information of the service user to a third party. It should be noted that, with regard to Section 2, if there is a request for service users, and stop providing to a third party.

(1) In the case when there is consent of the service user (the service user to log in using social login feature, disclosure of personal information for the social media, or the provision of personal information from the social media, or , I will agree to that share your personal information with the social media.)
(2) the collected personal information (see 6), on which is processed into a format that can not identify the individual, the creation of statistical data of the application user and, when performing the application user marketing
(3) when required by law
(4) human life, even when it is necessary for the protection of the body, or property, when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the service user
(5) In the case where there is particularly necessary to promote the improvement or sound growth of children of public health, when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the service user
(6) in a case where the country of organization or person who has received the local government or the commission is required to cooperate with that to perform the office prescribed by the laws and regulations, and the office by obtaining the consent of the service user performance when there is likely to cause trouble
We, if you want to outsource all or part of the handling of the acquired personal information, so that the safety management measures of the Company and the same content can be achieved with the necessary and appropriate supervision for contractors.
5.Disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension, etc.
Service user, the purpose of use of your own personal information notification, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use or erasure of claims, as well as stop the provision of such contact or e-mail magazine of service from us, the first If Article 3 is claim of a third party provides the stop as defined in Section 2, we accepted at the following inquiry form.
6.Personal information to be collected
(1) information provided by the service user
When you membership registration to Appstar, nickname for you to enter, e-mail address, password, gender, other date of birth, from the account information and the social media if applicable social media to be logged in to use the social login feature personal information that is disclosed (when that is the social login, disclosure of personal information that is registered in the social media, we will agree to share) is like.
(2) automatically receive information
IP address of the computer of the service user is used when connecting to the Internet, connection information, access to Appstar, URL · Date and time of access, the access destination on access through the Appstar from Appstar, advertisement identifier (IDFA ), which application is whether it is installed in the terminal, it is information, and the like that or running any current app.
7.About the use of cookies (Cookie)
(1) A cookie is a mechanism for recording the temporary data to the user's computer through a browser. We, in order to provide better service to service users who asked to use the Appstar, uses cookies (Cookie) information.
(2) cookies, date and time visited the information and the last site on service users, you can use to record the number of visits, etc. of the site. We, and recommended application information suitable for customers, advertising, in order to provide a feature called a notification, etc., and cookie information, you may want to use the other member registration information.
(3) The Company, the app creators and advertisers, etc., for the purpose of providing the information to analyze the effective apps and advertising, you might want to use the cookie information of the service user. In this case, individual will be used by processing information that can not be identified.
(4) by the browser settings of the service user Although it is possible to reject the receipt of cookies, in that case, in the use of Appstar, can not be used successfully service, the limit is such as can not receive the ads use cookies you may receive.
(5) The Company, there are times when it entrust part of the advertisement to be published in our service of display and delivered to a third party. If these third party has set cookies, information is recorded in the third-party server, it will be managed based on personal information protection policy of the third party.
8.Use of statistical data
We, on the basis of the collected personal information of the service user, and may create the processed statistical data so as not to identify the individual. With regard to the statistical data that can not be personally identifiable, it is assumed that it is possible that we use without any limitation.
9.About Terms of change
For Terms of change procedures, I will according to Appstar Terms 10..
To the service user is a third party, if revealed personal information using our service, or other means, or if the individuals revealed identifiable information, the acquired personal information by a third party regard, the Company does not assume any responsibility.
11.Personal information manager
under construction