Terms of service
The Company is a service that provides [Appstar](Hereinafter referred to as the [Appstar].) for the use of, and established the following Terms of Use (the [Terms].).
Use the Appstar (browse, including posts, etc.. However, it is not limited to this. The following is the same.) All of the service users who are (hereinafter referred to as the [service users].) Is, in advance Terms on you agreed, suppose you want to use the Appstar.
Appstar notice has been posted on the services provided by, rules, bylaws, etc. are regardless of the nominal, shall constitute a part of this Agreement. It should be noted that, if the contents of such notice or the like is conflict with the terms of this Agreement, this Agreement will prevail.
1.The purpose of Appstar
Appstar is, guest reviews, questions, and answers concerning the posted application by the service user (hereinafter collectively the information that has been posted from the service user to Appstar called [submission].) To publish in, we are mainly intended to give in and get the most as a place for the exchange of information when choosing the app, or to better use the app to hold enjoyed in other Appstar visitors.
2.Member registration
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3.Registration and management such as login ID
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4.About Privacy
Please see the Appstar Privacy Policy described separately.
5.Copyright, and other intellectual property rights
(1) have content that is included in the Appstar (character, image, design, trademark, advertising, copyright on software, etc., trademark or other intellectual property rights, etc.) all have been attributable to the Company or the legitimate rights holders .
(2) service users, replication for the content of Appstar, modified, posted, published, transmitted, public transmission, reprint, distribute, transfer, rent, sell, translation and adaptation must not have made any other use or use . private use in SNS such as Twitter and Facebook is not this limitation, please properly use the responsibility of the service users.
6.Submission post and copyright, etc.
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Appstar, we will use in your own responsibility service users. In addition, it shall be asked beforehand acknowledgment per following contents.

(1) application information, about PR information, etc.
We, the listed application information, about PR information, etc., for its contents, no warranty whatsoever. For damages as a result of product service user by the information, we will not offer any compensation and involvement.

(2)contents of the submission
We do not do any warranties with respect to the contents of the listed submission. Please use the service users of your judgment. In addition, of or damage service users caused by the listed submission, for trouble, etc. between service users, we do not offer any compensation and involvement.

(3) Linked Sites
We, in relation to site services by third parties that are linked from Appstar operated, no warranty whatsoever. Please use the service users of your judgment
8.Prohibited matter
(1) When the service user to use the Appstar, is prohibited to do the following acts.
The information provided by the Appstar our prior consent without duplication, modification, Store Posted, publish, transmit, public transmission, reprint, distribute, transfer, rent, sell, in order to be used in the translation and adaptation to or of these purposes thing
Laws and regulations, that violate public policy, or to this Agreement
Preventing the operation of Appstar, or to damage the Company's credit
That cause an excessive load on the Company or electrical communication equipment for our use
In Appstar of other purposes, through Appstar, or in connection with the Appstar, act for the purpose of profit, or that it is an object of the present invention the preparation
Collection of personal information using Appstar, doing market surveys
Other, that the Company deems inappropriate

(2) If the act that the Company is determined to be inappropriate in light of the spirit and purpose of the act or Appstar corresponding to the preceding paragraph has been made by the service user, the Company with respect to the service user and other Company and shall be able to take measures to determine appropriate.
In addition, measures the use of stop other Company deems appropriate, all can be carried out by the Company's discretion and judgment, the judgment process, etc. will not be disclosed. In addition, for damages as a result of product service user by the measures, the Company does not offer any compensation and involvement.
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10.Change of the Terms
We assume that you can change the contents of this Agreement by the Company prescribed method. Thus, the efficacy of this change occurs, service user I assume that you have accepted the change.
11.Governing Law and Jurisdiction
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